Our Mission:

Our mission is to be the provider of high value and quality to telecom Operations Support Systems (OSS) solutions. These scalable solutions will have unparalleled support to ensure flexibility and to meet and exceed customer expectations.

We bring together the leaders in the industry across service providers, technology providers and enterprises to work on getting new services to market and making business success in new solutions.

Xoraapps provide best solutions for the below challanges

Technology Evolution Challenges:

1. To increased data speeds and further more increasing hunger for the data overwhelms the existing network infrastructures.

2. Ensure uniform service experience across the network technologies to check the customer churn.

3. Access / Radio Technology independent delivery of services and enhance Reuse for exiting investments.

Multiple Service Platform Challenges:

1. Typical network constitutes of Multiple Service Platforms increasing network complexity and integration challenges many fold.

2. Heterogeneous multiple SDP Solutions typically deployed to cater to Multiple Types of Networks/ Standards/Variants

3. Service Islands makes introduction of seamless services a challenging task for the CSP

Transport Upgrade and Convergence of Wireless Wireline:

1. Retain investments in copper wire systems while migrating towards next generation Fiber Optic systems.

2. Severe competition among wire-line and wireless operators to provide latest services to retain subscriber base.

3. Fixed Mobile Convergence leading to a diminishing gap among the revenue shares of various operators in the space, and leading to losses for wire-line only players.